Totally Random Repo Commercial


As part of our I Love Local Commercials series, the latest business to receive a free local commercial from us and Microbilt is TCT Recovery, owned and operated by one Walter Salmon.  FYI, “recovery” is a nice way of referring to “repossession”, the unfortunate circumstance in which something that has been purchased and is not being payed for is reclaimed.  It may sound complicated, but as Walter will tell you, it’s relatively EASY.

If you’re a regular consumer of our videos (officially referred to as a Mythical Beast), you’ve probably figured out that we don’t do much planning for our local commercials. Instead, we show up and let the owners/employees and the setting serve as our inspiration.  Right after meeting Walter, we learned that he referred to the folks whose vehicles he repossessed as “clients”.  It was almost as if Walter’s perspective was that he was doing a service for these people.  Now, there’s an angle for a commercial.

In order to make a great (translation: hilariously bad) local commercial, we have to do our fair share of “research”.  There’s only one way to do research about repossessions.  You gotta do some repossessin’.  Well, we did, and let’s just say that it wasn’t necessarily as easy as Walter’s commercial implies.

Thanks for watching!  Feel free to share this with any friends who might need an extra vehicle taken off their hands, or any friends that just need a laugh.  Comment below with your favorite part of the commercial and behind-the-scenes video!


Lorraine (TeaPartyPrincess)

March 2, 2011 4:04 pm

Lorraine (TeaPartyPrincess)’s Mythical Beast

did i hear her say “spare his life”? what was really going on here? were you guys packin some heat?

Cheryl (TheMomof6Boys)

June 19, 2010 9:06 pm

Cheryl (TheMomof6Boys)’s Mythical Beast

The whole commercial is fantastic but what I love is your attention to detail. I laughed out loud just seeing Link’s picture on the wall behind him. That was perfect!

Kristen (The ARGLEFLARG!)

June 17, 2010 7:50 pm

Kristen (The ARGLEFLARG!)’s Mythical Beast

*McDonald’s Commercial

Kristen (The ARGLEFLARG!)

June 17, 2010 7:49 pm

Kristen (The ARGLEFLARG!)’s Mythical Beast

LOL awesome behind the scenes. So glad you’re all okay and pee-pants-free!

Also, just wanted to let you guys know, my family finally saw your commercial on TV!!! TBS, I think, and we live in the Chicago area. I was at work, but they told me when I got home, and it made my day. Then my mom reminded me that I’m a bad daughter, because I never bought her her own copy of Looking for Ms. Locklear. Gotta get on that now…

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