Weird People at the Farmer’s Market


Rhett went to the farmer’s market the other day, and he may have stumbled onto our future careers.

Comment below and tell us where the weird people in your town hang out.


April 24, 2012 5:53 pm


That comment about the Hamilton Nazi was from me lol forgot to sign in

April 24, 2012 5:50 pm


So in New Jersey, I us to live in the town of Hamilton near Trenton where there is maybe 3 men that people have dubbed “The Hamilton Nazi” (even though there are more than one Hamilton Nazi) They walk around in full Nazi Uniform and they don’t do anything but walk around like this! In fact, there was one that went to Mecer County Community College who got beaten by college students for wearing this. They sometimes walk in to stores and buy things or ride on bikes but they don’t bother any one. They just dress up like a Nazi. The main one (around 50 years of age) has a HUGE white beard and instead of a army outfit is in what seems to be a lab coat but still obviously in a Nazi outfit. The other one appears to be much younger (prob 25) and is in an army outfit. And the last one is also in an army outfit but this man appears to be in his 30’s and he is the one who got beaten. They are never seen together and people question if they even know each other. Odd things.

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