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April 23, 2015 5:02 pm

LevisMomm’s Mythical Beast

Hey guys. I first saw your show about 1 1/2 years ago, sitting up in the wee hours of the morning, nursing my son. I recently heard an intriguing story coming from Windsor, VT. In 1955, the home of Dr. Thomas Waterman was inundated with water, source unknown. There were no leaky pipes, nor was it even raining outside. Pools of water just seemed to appear! On other occasions it quite literally started to rain indoors. A similar event took place 8 years later in Methuen, MA.

Cameron Gasco

April 23, 2015 4:45 pm


ohh and this rant was for your opinions and thing on a video called “Things you Shouldn’t Ever Be Good At” a long time ago.

Cameron Gasco

April 23, 2015 4:42 pm


RHETT! LINK! GO LOOK AT A PERSON CALLED PENN GILLETTE! HE IS A JUGGLING ,MAGICIAN! He is now a million dollars deep, and awesome! and he started a change in modern day magic with his show “Penn and Teller”. It created a whole new type of view upon magic. Now he’s like 60 and rich. He made an awesome life for himself with only one real skill, juggling. So if your kid is Einstein at balloon making or juggling or something else stupid you should encourage him even though you do not believe in what he is doing… because you said “if I have any influence on my children they will not do these things” Well you do not understand how much influence a parent has on their children. you really should never talk down to them like this. If they have a dream and goal, help them to achieve it. Let them be the person who can do these skills, and not hinder them to only “being the person who knows a guy who can do them”. Like I really do see where you are coming from. I wouldn’t want to be a family member of someone who failed at this life direction. But you need to really teach them that if they are going for something it cannot be half ass-ed. So go for it or realize your mistake and just have it as a hobby. But in my opinion this is a bullshit thing to do. Encourage them to be themselves! Not to be another average Joe with your exact ideals….
By the way though, this is not just shitting on you and me hating you now. Everybody has their quirks, I still like your show… I also like the fact you are not politically correct, and you say what you mean. That’s a good quality in my opinion. But you’ve got to encourage your children to be themselves. You said “that’s what my dad taught me… so I am just teaching my kids that” well it’s a different time, where you can actually make a name for yourself unlike your father or grandfather could before him. Look at you Rhett! You are two dudes talking to “the internet” doing crazy stuff like music videos, rolling around in dirt/mud, eating weird things, etc. These are un heard of things for your fathers/grandfathers time, but you are making a name for yourself and it doesn’t look like you are starving on the streets…
So you both should definitely think about this. And If you actually read this please find a way to tell me (comment on it, give a shoutout [even though i do not care for the publicity]) I don’t care how. Thanks

Oh and have fun reading this comment, not he shortest…

Enoch Siu

April 23, 2015 1:36 am

Enoch Siu’s Mythical Beast

Hi, thank you for supporting my daily life, you are fantastic! You make me know more about the earth. Thank you!

Jessica (parting glass)

April 6, 2015 6:18 pm

Jessica (parting glass)’s Mythical Beast

Hi. Sorry to bother you…again. But this is an important matter. So please read my last comments and PLEASE respond @[email protected] thanks please respond

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