Follow these simple steps to become an official SuperNoter. Everybody’s doing it.

SuperNote Prizes

1. Make a video of you making your SuperNote (according to the rules below).


2. Upload your video to YouTube.


3. Make your video a response to the video from the team captain who’s team you’d like to join. Do NOT make your video a response to the SuperNote Orientation Video.  Click within the comment box to add a comment, and then click on the link that says “attach a video”. Then follow those instructions.


4. That’s it! Once you’ve made your video a response, it is automatically entered into our system, where it is then timed and posted within the standings. It could take up to 48 hours for your SuperNote to show up in the standings.




Follow these rules. If you don’t, your SuperNote will be disqualified and your reputation will be tarnished.


1. Only one SuperNote per person is allowed. The first SuperNote you upload is your only SuperNote.


2. You can only join one team. Even if you make additional SuperNotes and make them responses to other team captain videos, they will not count. So choose wisely.


3. A SuperNote is a vocal note. It is NOT a growl, grunt, or gargle-ly sound like the girl from Grudge made. That kind of thing might be called a “glottal” sound. A glottal sound isn’t musical in nature, it’s more percussive. If your note flirts with this low grunting sound, you will likely be disqualified.


4. A SuperNote is NOT a hum. The sound must come through your mouth, not through your nose.


5. A SuperNote is one, continuous sound without breaks, breaths, or video edits. If there is a break in your SuperNote, only the longest portion will be counted.


6. If your note is very soft and can barely be heard, that’s not very super. You might be disqualified by our team of judges.


7. If we can’t see your mouth on the video, or your video is way out of sync with your note, or we have ANY reason to be suspicious about the authenticity of your SuperNote, you may be disqualified.


8. Once you submit one SuperNote, that’s it. Even if your SuperNote is disqualified and removed from the standings, a second one won’t show up in the standings. Even if you delete it from YouTube and upload another note, it won’t show up.


9. Videos must be posted and live on YouTube before midnight Eastern Time on Oct. 31st.




As we hear questions from SuperNoters (via comments on the main SuperNote page), we’ll collect and answer them here.


Hey! I saw a SuperNote where the person clearly cheated and they’re in the standings! What’s going on? Relax. First of all, this is not the presidential election. It’s for fun. Secondly, we WILL catch cheaters and eventually remove their notes from the standings, but it may take a while. Don’t worry. It’s unbecoming.


I don’t see my SuperNote in the standings. Where is it?!? It might take a couple of days for your SuperNote to show up in the standings (even if it’s showing up as a video response on YouTube) because each and every one has to manually timed by a the SuperSquad.


It’s been several days and I still don’t see my SuperNote in the standings. What the heck? If you followed the directions properly and made your video a response, and it is still not showing up after several days, it likely means your SuperNote has been disqualified due to a rules violation. We may even call your mother. If you feel you’ve been wronged, let us know in the comments and someone will look into it.


The time that I have in the standings is a lot shorter than my actual SuperNote. Is this a personal attack? The time you’ve been given in the standings reflects what our team of judges determined to be your legitimate note. You may have a break in your note, or you may drop into a definite grunt or growl. There are multiple reasons whey your note may be calculated shorter, but they are all related to rules violations. If you feel you’ve been wronged, let us know in the comments and someone will look into it.


What’s a break in a note? Is that like a voice crack? A break in your SuperNote is when there is a moment (even a very short one) in which there is NO SOUND coming out. It usually results from people letting out so little air that they lose the note for a second. This can be a bit of a gray area, but you may very well be charged with a break if you even have a slight break. However, if your voice cracks, changing the sound of your note, but your note does not actually stop at any point, it will not be counted as a break. Make sense? We hate being this technical, but you internet people are squirrelly.


I’ve seen some people submit multiple videos using multiple accounts. Is that legal? No, ONE entry per person.


Does my SuperNote have to stay in tune? No. If your note fluctuates or changes pitch, that’s fine. Just don’t let it break up!


Can I growl (gurgle) my SuperNote, like the girl in The Grudge? No. It needs to sound like what the average person would consider a vocal note.


Can I hum my SuperNote? No. The sound must leave your mouth, not your nose, ear, or other orifice. SuperFart is being conducted elsewhere.


Can multiple people do Supernotes in one video? Sure, but only the longest one counts. For instance, in the Rhett&Link SuperNote video, only Rhett’s note counts.


Can I get friends and family members to do SuperNotes? Sure, but they’ll have to create their own Youtube channel. The system that we’ve set up to collect the SuperNote videos only accepts the first SuperNote video from any given Youtube channel. So, if you’re grandma wants to go for it, she needs to create her own channel.


I have more than one Youtube channel. Can I submit a video from each one? No. One entry per person.


I don’t have a camera. Can I just submit audio? No. It would be too easy to cheat doing just audio, and we need a video submitted in order for your SuperNote to be properly processed in our system.


Isn’t it going to be easy for people to cheat? I mean, it wouldn’t be hard to create a convincing video with some clever editing. Yes, it might be easy for people to cheat, but we have some ways that we are going to verify the authenticity of entries. But we can’t reveal that now. Just make your real note and let us worry about the cheaters.


You said no editing. Does that mean no editing at all? No, you can have editing in your video, but you can’t edit on your SuperNote. The moment where you make your SuperNote in your video can’t have any cuts or cutaways. But if you wanted to edit in some other stuff throughout your video, go for it.


Does my SuperNote have to be a vocal note, because I’d like to use an instrument. Yes. It HAS to be a vocal note. No instruments. But remember, Band is Cool.


Can I whistle my SuperNote? Sure, but it will be disqualified.


Can I talk without breathing instead of making a note? No. That’s not a SuperNote. If the experiment was called SuperSentence, it would count. We will only count the longest single note in each sentence.


I’m not happy with my first video that I submitted. Can I delete it and try again? No. Even if you do, only your first video will be counted. The system is setup so that it only accepts one entry per person.


Can I make multiple SuperNotes in one video? Sure, but only your first one counts, so don’t waste your breath.


Don’t see your question answered? Ask it in the comments on the main SuperNote page. We’ll add it if it seems worthy of the FAQ.


SuperNote is carried out in accordance with our Terms of Use.



July 3, 2013 9:33 pm


when does it start again i would love to be apart of it

Dylan Cohen

June 18, 2013 8:56 am


when is the 2013 contest taking place!? Im so mad i missed this!!


June 10, 2013 5:48 pm


OMG trying to decide between dan and tyler!!!!


November 1, 2012 1:14 pm


I uploaded a SuperNote for Team Llamarmy, and I only realized today that you couldn’t cover your face. The video showed me and a friend, and my friend’s face was covered, mine wasn’t. So, would it qualify? Will still be added but only with MY SuperNote?

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