SuperNote 2012


When you join a team, your SuperNote is added to the Total Length of your team. The team with the longest cumulative SuperNote on Nov 1st wins! Click a captain name to see standings within that team.

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Total Length


These standings are constantly being updated over the course of the competition. They are also constantly being verified. There may be a few days before your entry shows up because every single video is manually timed. -R&L

RankSuperNoterTeamViewsNote Length
1Thumbnail for SuperNote 2012 - 160+ seconds!GenericTechGuyTHE LLAMARMY3043165
2Thumbnail for G&S submission for SuperNote 2012! Apologies to SWURG, it was a tough call.DanStuffOnlineTEAM GEEK AND SUNDRY1392140
3Thumbnail for Tom does a supernoteJoinTheMadVenderTeam Beard18129
4Thumbnail for SuperNote 2012 team Swurgtorrem9722Team Swurg334120
5Thumbnail for SuperNote 2012 - Team Mythical Beast Entry (119 Seconds)SamHaxin123Team Mythical Beasts884119
6Thumbnail for supernote 2012 team beard!stuart palmTeam Beard12114
7Thumbnail for 3.supernoteTHEwilliamcheekTeam Beard10113
8Thumbnail for My Supernote 2012 - Team Mythical BeastPretzelPower956Team Mythical Beasts3799
9Thumbnail for Super NoteAlex MuñozTeam Daily Gracists1885893
10Thumbnail for Supernote For WheezyWaiter 2012arabbelTeam Beard2092
11Thumbnail for SuperNote - Team Mythical BeastYellowasSulpherTeam Mythical Beasts1891
12Thumbnail for Llamarmy Supernote Breanna and Mark PratleyfiggyperiTHE LLAMARMY1590
13Thumbnail for Supernote 2012 - Llamarmyfancastic1THE LLAMARMY1290
14Thumbnail for Supernote for the Llamarmy 2012 - JulietajwolffpizzutiTHE LLAMARMY1288
15Thumbnail for Team Beard Supernotemunchkinhead11Team Beard287
16Thumbnail for Supernote For TEAM GEEK AND SUNDRY!!!RoorshackTEAM GEEK AND SUNDRY1187
17Thumbnail for Llamarmy FTW (my supernote entry)milkyjoe06THE LLAMARMY586
18Thumbnail for Supernote for The Llamarmy! 2 minutes 34 secondsJane CarrTHE LLAMARMY2684
19Thumbnail for SuperNote for the LlamarmyLeigh HenryTHE LLAMARMY1114484
20Thumbnail for LysolPionex\'s Entry For Team Mythical Beasts\' Supernote 2012friendlyoreoTeam Mythical Beasts1683
21Thumbnail for Supernote for TEAM BEARD 2012CampusanisTeam Beard7383
22Thumbnail for Supernote Team SourceFed (83 seconds)PettyExperimentsTeam SourceFed180083
23Thumbnail for Re: Team Mythical Beast (Supernote 2012)jadelammusicTeam Mythical Beasts6482
24Thumbnail for SuperNote 2012TonedFlashTEAM GEEK AND SUNDRY7281
25Thumbnail for Supernote 2012 LLAMARMY FTW YEAH!angie725388THE LLAMARMY1380
26Thumbnail for Team Beard Supernote - 1:20.1FatManTapTeam Beard258479
27Thumbnail for Supernote 2012 Submission - Team BeardShutteredRealityTeam Beard15478
28Thumbnail for My Supernote with a ridiculously long title for a relatively short video noticemyexistencedanyulcworkybeerowlTHE LLAMARMY22876
29Thumbnail for SuperNote 2012 - Team Mythical BeastTheMomof6boysTeam Mythical Beasts55276
30Thumbnail for Super Note Challenge... TEAM FANGIRL ALL THE WAY!asiangoldfishstylesTeam Fangirl 236575
31Thumbnail for Super Note 2012: Team Daily Gracists!demboneTeam Daily Gracists64875
32Thumbnail for 1 minute + note hold. Ow my lungs. Go llamarmy!!ElaneDudeTHE LLAMARMY211975
33Thumbnail for Supernote 2012 LLAMARMY!lilycheeksTHE LLAMARMY1873
34Thumbnail for Earl Grey, Spider-Man, SupernotesJohn MoleyTEAM GEEK AND SUNDRY5971
35Thumbnail for SuperNote 2012 #TEAMFANGIRL!Evan SnyderTeam Fangirl 382171
36Thumbnail for Supernote 2012 #TeamFanGirlSmartnSekCTeam Fangirl 9171
37Thumbnail for Took Me A Week To Practice So....lilbtbag123THE LLAMARMY5371
38Thumbnail for Supernote - THE LLAMARMY | HalloweenjessacupofteaTHE LLAMARMY5371
39Thumbnail for Llamarmy supernote 2012SiindaaayBayBayTHE LLAMARMY259570
40Thumbnail for Team Breathless Dream Riders-2012 SUPER NOTE!naturada137Team SourceFed42870
41Thumbnail for Team Beard Supernote - 70 Seconds!TylerMacNeillTeam Beard29570
42Thumbnail for * SUPERNOTE 2012 * [My Brainstorming Trilemma]vampirica89Team Mythical Beasts1870
43Thumbnail for TwitCam @rachelrazzle10Rachel BloomTeam Fangirl 452570
44Thumbnail for SuperNote 2012! Team Mythical BeastMrTatterzTeam Mythical Beasts33270
45Thumbnail for supernote 2012 Team Swurg...I want Shaycarl shirt :DNinEk15Team Swurg7169
46Thumbnail for Beardnote 2012ShellewellTeam Beard80669
47Thumbnail for Supernote 2012: TEAM GEEK AND SUNDRYTomVictorChiironTEAM GEEK AND SUNDRY16369
48Thumbnail for Super Note btshailsbtshailsTHE LLAMARMY127569
49Thumbnail for TEAM SOURCEFEDS BEST !!!!SOSPSEKTeam SourceFed1469
50Thumbnail for 72 Second Supernote for Team Sourcefedjab1432Team SourceFed9269


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June 18, 2013 9:45 am


Would one of my pets count if they do a supernote?

April Steele

December 5, 2012 2:43 pm


when does the contest end?

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