Thanks to all our chitlens. Here’s the Rhett&Link’s Kids FAQ 1. Who’s kids are whose? We think it’s pretty obvious by looking at them, but we’ll make it easy. Lily (7), Lincoln (5), and Lando (0) are Link’s. Locke (6) and Shepherd (1) are Rhett’s. 2. Did Rhett name his kids Locke and Shepherd because he likes Lost? No. My wife and I chose the name Locke when we were in college (before Lost), and we’ve always liked the name Shepherd (and it’s spelled differently). But, we’re big Lost fans and we won’t hate you if you think we named them that because of the show. 3. Is Lando named after Lando Calrissian, Billy Dee William’s character in Star Wars? Yes. See all the physical challenge videos at Backgroundmusic is from They have an awesome collection of tracks to fit just about any situation. Get an account at ‪ —————– Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! We do this for you, and we want to make sure you see our new videos. Plus, we give virtual side-hugs to all new subscribers. —————————————- ————- Check out our other Youtube channel, where we upload random videos from our phones: —————— FOLLOW us on TWITTER! Rhett: Link: Video Updates: ——————- FAN us on FACEBOOK! ——————- DAILYBOOTH ——————- Become a MYTHICAL BEAST for exclusive video



Lindsey Delle

October 9, 2012 1:09 am


Aww this made my heart melt :)

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